Paul Guth has been building and running stuff on the Internet since 1994. Most recently, he ran several SRE teams supporting Apple’s largest online services. Before that he was building cloud infrastructure for Walmart. Before that, he was VP of Technology Operations at Cloudscaling and before that did lots of fun stuff at eBay, TiVo, Lycos, HotWired, and some other places you never heard of. He really digs thinking about how to make distributed systems more reliable through automation, intelligent change process, and rigorous failure analysis.

He also has a couple cars he really likes (mostly Mustangs), a few kids he thinks are pretty cool, a dog he could take or leave, and a wife he’s madly in love with, all of which are currently located in or around sunny San Jose, CA.

The name of the blog comes from “construction” and “evolution” – Paul likes to make things a little better every day than they were the day before and the process of doing that is generally a combination of these two concepts. And yes, he knows it’s not very easy to say.

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